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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> another reminder, the word must unite. we must be together regardles s of nationality, race or faith, in fighting against the scurge of terrorism. >> the u.s. military says, one american service member and his family were hurt. earlier, church officials says, two from utah were ser qusly hurt. and it comes after authorities in brussels arrested sala salam. >> prosecutors say it's not possible at this stage to establish possible link. . >> ave chance, this afternoon, just after the latest briefing of the bombings in brussels >> we're hearing upwards of 50
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wounded. >> isis just claimed credit for it. we can't confirm that, but it's problem. we've been working with belgium to trying to improve intelligence gathering and intelligence sharing. we continue to offer help, including our specialist, our fbi agents and our intelligence people to the extent it wanted or help them improve their ability to network. and work on this. >> and there are tens and thousands of u.s. students overseas. this is a parent who had has a child in belgium, is it time for
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>> i don't think so. this is one of the random acts. the probability was higher to happen in europe than in the united states. it's -- it's a really tough decision for a parent to make. overall, you know the statistics, and likely, and that's no solis to a parent whose child is studying in brussels or belgium >> we'll have more on the interview including the battle of the supreme court nominee. you could watch all of it on >> many people are wondering, why brussels, why belgium. the concerns on the terrorist in brussel.
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while u.s. leaders frantically worked the phones trying to assess the situation, neighborhood leaders say the problem began due to the disconnect with the city interview. >> life is something empty. they know, there's no future for them. >> the highly diversified region and subsequent unemployment crisis in his neighborhood has been mismanaged, contributing to radicalization >> worst symbols and emblems on what may happen. >> also demonstrated by the pairgs attacks. many of the suspects were from brussels. the deputy mayor says, there are 110 nationality. and he says, 50 percent of the population was foreign born.
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it discriminates in the labor market. we cannot stop the plague. as disen chanted explains, they are easily recruited by terror cells. as how it happened, it's seen as a major travel hub, and seen to high-profile targets. . it's easier to attack an area where the suspect already lives. they have more foreign fighters and jihadist than anyone in europe. >> and belgium is a small country. it has still a lot of personal and business links in cincinnati. jeff hirsh looks at the local connection. >> cincinnati's connection are big. cincinnati's connection to brussels are small. local restaurant here in coriville >> john owns the local taste of
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>> been to the airport. looks like he doesn't, toward my life. i was there a couple of months ago. >> big link, 1100 employees. our thoughts and prayers are with the people in belgium today. we are working to confirm the safety of all of our people, and interest of them working from home until all is available. there are other connections, too. . >> sandy baxter goes to brussels 2-3 times a year. baxter 234r50u back from paris. >> titaned security. armed guards at the train station. armed guards on the train. asked for my passport twice. in previous trips, never been
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>> uc has two professionals from the business schools and 30 miles from brussels. >> only information we have at this time, they are safe, they are okay. we want to make sure, family members, parents are aware they are in good position. not in danger. >> and thank you for keeping families in informed. there's more to learn about the attacks. and she's glad she changed the travel plans to come home a bit early. >> jeff hirsh, local 12 news. >> stay with local 12 for new information on brussel's terror attacks. we'll have any updates as we get them and the facebook and twitter accounts. and stay tune for the hour long edition on the cbs "evening news." >> coming up, disturbing images caught on camera. local bailiffs, shackled teenager. .
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welcome to huntington -- one of money magazine's best banks in america. >> it's still not clear why she
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benadryl in the young son's feeding tube during a stay in sennence. and the most time the judge could get her in jail, could give the syracuse, new york woman, 180 days. she's already served most of the time and will be released in about a week. she also has to stay away from her son an children's hospital much the 4-year-old suffers from a rare skin condition. the grandfather is now trying to get custody. local 12 is investigating an attack by a local bailiff >> 17-year-old with facing serious charges with the bailiff bailed him out. >> the attack took place in juvenile courtroom on march 7th. magistrate, stood up with the
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defendant back on his seat. chief defendant, described. >> our client said, you don't put your hands on me. mr. buckler shakes his hand. >> and mr. buckler comes back around. he uses this arm, to put a choke hold on the kid and uses this mouth >> okay. >> throws him out of the chair on to the floor and drags him to the courtroom on his back. >> earlier this month, the juvenile involved was allegedly the driver in a car that led troopers on the case all the way to columbus until it crashed in wilmington. >> chase reached speeds over 100 miles an hour, before the car crashed into a wilmington apartment building. the teenage driver was allegedly under the influence at the time. authorities say he and his two passengers walked into a halfway house.
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he's not a small little kid. he's cuffed, he can't move. he doesn't pose a threat to anybody, other than verbally being a smart alec. to see someone take advantage of a kid and that situation, and physically forcibly take the actions that mr. buckler took and throwing him to the ground, out of the chair, i was shocked that someone would lose their temper and take advantage of someone in that way. >> wilmington, rich jaffe, local 12 news. >> clinton county was there at the time. bailiff works for the juvenile court judge and remains on. and the ohio's criminal investigation, is finishing a report on the case. attorney general already appoint
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>> they grow out of their . >> esquire, for don cheadles. it starts at 6:00 and after party at the transsept apr. proceeds benefitting the film commission. >> and about the cincinnati street car. mayor john cranley will stop the street car from running heritage
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they think it would interfere. the transportation committee okayed the restrictions. five of the seven events will take the two year test and have to apply again. will ride the street car in september. children grow out of clothing way too fast. >> some take the cash. and that's why a local father and mother of three children. and sheila gray introduces us to la fada. >> if you bought these babies clothe s clothes, you would pay over $300. >> parents could buy and sell children's clothing. >>nd a la tada is a new market. >> it's really about convenience. for the parents that would like
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>> anna and jana, they realized how much money was in their children's closets >> i'm not a fan with the retail shops. i don't like to hunt. >> she sells her daughter's clothes in la tada. she requested a starter kit. fill the free shipping bags and sent them off. >> i'm drowning in girl's clothes. i sent the clothe and tada. it was that easy. i was able to buy christmas presents with basically the money i made sell the clothes. >> staff members sort them into lots, photograph them and advise them on the website. >> want to make sure your little
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>> taking a cue like jim -- gymboree. >> and 44 percent of millennials, generation to be named below that, buy stuff with the specific thought that they will resale it. >> they found some of the best market research, what moms like, comes from the lots of clothes moms sent in to sell. >> what people sell is what they will buy. thousands of parents like emily are doing their buying and selling. >> being on-line, when the girls are sleeping, have extra time. oh, i could see this is fun and easy. >> for a 2 billion market for kid clothing. >> pretty good idea. >> they offer children's sizes, 0 to 5. they are getting request to selling bigger sizes. click on the news tab on the top left to find it. >> quite a wind tunnel, really
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>> they will be breezy tomorrow and probably not as much, as we are right now, earlier today. they are quite a bit breezy. winds around 20 miles an hour. earlier today, the winds didn't stop the kids from playing. this is at dire field. and this is from the video grapher, mike williams and it looks like they are having a ball. we will continue to have a pretty nice evening tomorrow, not going to be bad either. we have a lot more moisture in the form of clouds. take a look at -- sunset 7:00 to 8:00. we have high clouds, masking the sunlight, as we take a live look on top of the the star 64 tower cam, located in college hill. temperatures made it to the low to mid 60s. 64 for hillsborough and georgetown, dropped a degree in the last hour. we're in the mid 60s for owington. and wilmington in the lower 60s.
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an hour out of the southwest direction. we've had gusts up to close to 40 miles an hour in wilmington. the next system for thursday, still hundreds of miles off to the west. it's going to take a little while longer to get here through the day tomorrow. we're looking at spotty chances for rain. most of us stay dry. we will have more clouds around. we're dry on radar right now. high pressure situated to the southeast of us. tonight, we'll stay dry. we'll have high clouds situated on top of cincinnati. temperatures in the upper 50s. mid-50s by 9:00. pretty nice night despite the breeze, even after sunset. i expect winds to be 10-15 miles an hour, through 9:00 this evening. and let me start you off tomorrow night. this is 11:00 for wednesday morning. most of us stay dry tomorrow. we have slight chances for a couple of spotty showers, north and west of cincinnati by the afternoon. very isolated.
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we'll stop the clock at 6:00 a.m. thursday morning. morning commuters, couple of showers possible, especially west of cincinnati. best chances of rain and storms, will be thursday afternoon and evening. this is lunch time. looking at widespread rain for a lot of us. heavy downpours and lightning afternoon. you could see it move out pretty quickly. this model has us dry. we have a chance until 6:00, 7:00 in the evening, for a couple of showers to linger behind the coldn't fro. tomorrow, the cold chance higher. temperatures start in the fories, which is better than the mid 30s in the morning. mid-50s by noon. and not bad. breezy on thursday. rain and storms likely. you're definitely not going to want to forget the umbrella. temperatures will be cooler on friday. we'll be around 48 for a high. we're back to the 60s for the weekend.
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saturday is good, which is find. sunday we're looking at showers moving in late in the day. sunday morning, looks dry. sunday evening, around dinner time, we will track a couple of showers. it will be scattered around the area. it will be close to 60 for monday and tuesday of next week. >> thanks very much >> sure. >> more news out of las vegas. less than 24 hours after uc head coach mick ronnin said he hasn't talked to any schools. they are reporting the board of regions is considering approving a contract. skeptics said they couldn't pay him enough. the approval would pay him close to $3 million, reported by jeff, espn espn. more than double what dave rice was making. there's no state tax on the amount.
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reports surfaced. and unlv, to speak with the bear cats head coach. skinny has more on, what may be, and head coach, john miller's name, circulating, fairly quickly, after they left the university. and when miller would go back to his alma mater, leaving the premiere college basketball programs in the country. miller put the rumors to rest, tweeting out today, no. another mention in the vacancy, xavier head coach, is being mentioned with rice state. rice state let go with billy donelin, last week after six season sos.
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and was promoted to the current position last year. a flag for the mrok will result in a 15 yard penalty. extra point kick, snapped to the 15 point line will be permanent. after implementing it last season, extra attempts jumped from 99 percent efficiency to 94 percent. the reds paying the cubs in good year. game tied at 6:00 in the 7th inning.
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with . >> sounds like a pretty good night. >> and it's going to be milder than last evening. temperatures in the upper 50s by 8:00. mid-50s by 11:00. mostly clear skies. winds 10-15 miles an hour. back to the 50s tomorrow. still breezy. couple of showers, not for everyone. the rain days will be thursday with a chance of storm. >> thank you, erica. >> live look at the eiffel terror in paris, which is lit up in the belgium flag, and victims
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% >> pelley: terror in brussels. [screaming] bomb, attack the airport. >> everyone panicking. we had to run. >> pelley: and the subway station. dozens are killed, hundreds wounded, including americans. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> pelley: isis claims responsibility. >> we cannot let them succeed. >> pelley: and america goes on alert. >> i would close up our borders. >> this is a war. this is not an ice lated end


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